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About me

        Springing from the war drum of river rain that coats the misty mountain-covered conifers of the Olympics, Raine Westfall is a visual journalist delivering Pacific Northwest spice to her new home in Atlanta. Previously based out of Washington, she concentrates the majority of her work on documenting facets of society and the intricate lives of wildlife in their natural habitats and in civilization.

|She aims to show the world different points of view through diverse voices, cultures, lifestyles and immersive narrative.|

        Interested in working in investigative reporting, war correspondence, international conservation and science journalism, she wants to push boundaries and put life on display, giving communities and the world around us a voice.


          Westfall will be graduating from Western Washington University in the Summer of 2024. She has won the DII GNAC Outdoor Track & Field Championship Women's Hammer Throw title two years in a row (2023 and 2022) and conquered the GNAC Indoor Weight throw placing first and earning the WWU school record in 2023. She now resides in Georgia, where she spends most of her free time painting, woodburning, weightlifting and throwing the hammer.


Westfall finds the beauty of immersive storytelling, colored by experiencing deep human connections, communities, and cultures, inspires her passion for journalism. Interviewing, writing, videography and photography are Westfall's primary skills, but retains knowledge in design and an in-depth understanding of the sciences.


          To contact Westfall about employment opportunities, booking a photography session, or to purchase prints of her images or artwork, please reach out on the Contact page, or email her at


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