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Become better acquainted with my journalistic work! Here you'll find film stories, podcasts, posters and timelines I've created. Peruse my work and feel free to reach out via the contacts page with questions or with employment opportunities.

What a Catch!

Exploring the world of commercial fishing in the Pacific Northwest, What a Catch! is a docuseries that drops a line into the ocean of Whatcom County voices who find a living in harvesting the bounties of the Salish Sea. 

For the Love of Meat

Follow Haylen Gerhard as he demonstrates the art of smoking meat. Watch and learn about the process of cooking a smoked pork should and the joys it paints on the faces of friends and family.

One Minute with a Modern Witch

Modern-day witch, mother, and waitress Ariannah Sterling speaks about her relationship with witchcraft and spirituality. Learn how Sterling has used her practice to help heal and enhance her life.

Creating Champions

Discussing the struggles and triumphs of building champions after the Western Washington University women's and men's teams monumentally swept the GNAC Track & Field 2023 Championships. For the women, this was the first time in Viking history to claim a championship title. Head coach Ben Stensland and assistant coach Damien Fischer reflect on the 2023 season.

Podcast: Secrets of the Living Snow

Raine Westfall talks with scientist Sophie Paradis who studies watermelon snow in Whatcom County. Watermelon snow research examines this mysterious algae's life and how wildfires affect their colonies.

Sound Therapy

Embark with sound therapist Everitt Allen as he takes you on a journey into the discovery of sound therapy. Listen to the science behind Allen's Sound Therapy of the Pacific Northwest business and learn what it takes to become a sound practitioner.

Day in the Life of a Western Washington University Track & Field Athlete

Follow Jasmine Kaufman as she takes you through an average day of Western Washington University Track & Field athletics.

Northern State Hospital Farm

This farm and institution for the mentally ill was one of Sedro-Woolley Washington's biggest economies until its closure in 1976. Learn about the history of the crumbling structures that remain at the Northern State Recreation Area today.

The Importance of Diatoms

All about the amazing algal protists, Diatoms! Learn about what diatoms are, their roles in the ecosystem, and how you can use Diatoms at home. If you want to learn more about the glass algae that generate a quarter of Earth’s oxygen, look no further – It might just take your breath away!


A video capturing the spirit of Western Washington University sculpture "India," in commemoration of the artwork's sculptor Anthony Caro.

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